Casanova 2161 Eau De Toilette


Eau de toilette from the Palazzo Nobile Collection that is woody aromatic.

Classic juniper, iris and vetiver notes interact with surprising lightness and modernity to bestow comforting warmth and subtle sexiness. An ode to the legend of Casanova, this eau de toilette for men and women seduces with aromatic magnetism. Classic aromatics are reinvented to become daringly charismatic. Timeless notes of juniper, iris and vetiver blend together for a rich and dreamy fragrance.

100 ml

Like a love story, Casanova 2161 strikes the perfect balance between dark passion and light luminosity. Offering the highest olfactory intensity of the Palazzo Nobile collection, it rests on the skin with understated elegance.

Key Ingredients

Juniper Berries: The lively accents reveal subtly spicy aromatic notes.

Iris: The blue gold imbues the fragrance with delicate accents of powdery violet.

Vetiver: The precious root imbues a resolutely powerful air that sways from smoky and earthy to woody and spicy.

Sprintz and dab fragrance onto pulse points, such as sides of neck, wrists, chest, insides of elblows, and back of knees. Reapply as needed.

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