Cosmetic Body Roll-CIT®


A meticulously crafted hand-held rolling instrument with a smooth action double roller head embedded with durable stainless steel micro-needles that protrude 0.1mm specifically designed for use on your body.

• Enhance the effectiveness of the ingredients in skincare
• Restore skin tightness in the early stages of aging
• Speed up the reduction of uneven skin tone and texture
• Reduce the appearance of sun damaged skin, fine lines and scars

Start by using twice a week and slowly increase to daily use. Cleanse the skin before needling and then divide your target areas into sections and roll each section vertically, obliquely and horizontally with the roller for 3-5 minutes, using mild but firm pressure. Follow with your recommended Environ body products. Rinse the roller with warm water before and after use, and cleanse once a week with rubbing alcohol.

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