Hyalogy Protective Cream for Lips


This wonderful protective lip cream nourishes, moisturizes, protects, and helps comfort, recover and enhance the beauty of delicate lip skin. This combination of low-molecular ingredients with highly purified plant extracts enhances ’red border’ immunity while eliminating discomfort and skin irritation. It is particularly recommended for daily care for lips that have undergone micro-pigmentation and contouring or after filler injections. This cream also helps even lip pigmentation, thus enhancing the application and look of decorative lip cosmetics.

9 g

• Regenerative lip cream
• Hydration and water balance regulation
• Intensive softening and nourishing
• Immunomodulation and cell regeneration
• Retention of clear lips contour
• Increase in lips volume
• Efficiency improvement of dermal fillers

Soothing and nourishing: Squalane, Petrolatum

Hydration and moisture balance: Sodium hyaluronate, Hydrolyzed egg shell membrane, Hydrolyzed conchiolin protein (Pearl protein)

Anti-inflammatory effect and antioxidant protection: Origanum majorana leaf extract, Thymus serpillum extract, Aloe barbadensis extract

Cell regeneration and immunomodulation: Palnitoyl oligopeptide, Panax ginseng extract, Tocopherol

Mineral balance: ionized minerals (Ca2+, K+, Zn2+, Na+, Mg2+)

Squeeze the required amount of product (about 0,1 ml) spread evenly on lips.

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