Plumped Skin Essentials Gift Set


Hydrating Skin Essentials

Valmont's Plumped Skin Essentials Retail Set is the perfect solution to revive dehydrated skin and rejuvenate tired eyes with its plumping and hydrating essentials. This set includes Moisturizing Booster, a super-plumping hyaluronic acid gel (20ml), Hydra3 Eye lightweight emulsion (15ml) which hydrates the eye area and erases dark circles and signs of fatigue, and Hydra3 Regenetic Cream (50ml) which plumps and moisturizes skin from the inside out. These targeted treatments effectively reduce dark circles and dehydration wrinkles for fresher and brighter eyes and promote fuller, healthy-looking skin. This set is suitable for all skin types and will leave your face and eyes looking fresh and rested.

Set Includes:

Gift set is valued at $885.

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