Satin Musk Eau De Toilette


Eau de toilette from the Palazzo Nobile Collection that is floral musky.

Cocoon yourself in Satin Musk's powdery intimacy and soft femininity. Silky, romantic waves of musk are dusted with aromatic aniseed and opulent jasmine. A stand-out eau de toilette that shimmers with originality and sophistication. Satin Musk captivates with its infinitely silky texture, laced with aromatic aniseed, and its luxurious jasmine heart.

100 ml

A feminine scent that lingers on the skin with caressing comfort. It delicately blends femininity and sensuality for an enveloping experience.

Key Ingredients

Rose: A flower as fragile as it is voluptuous, it anchors the composition with fresh vibrancy.

Freesia: Delicate orange accents enhance a floral body and hints of spice.

White Musk: A round and sensual fragrance from which emerges soft, warm base notes.

Sprintz and dab fragrance onto pulse points, such as sides of neck, wrists, chest, insides of elblows, and back of knees. Reapply as needed.

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