Crème De Masque Majestueuse


A face cream and 10-minute mask with majestic results.

A daily face cream or occasional mask to nourish, regenerate and smooth skin. See immediate results thanks to active honey bee ingredients, and enjoy a delicious sensory experience as the texture changes from cream to oil to milk when applied as a mask.

50 ml

• Smooths the skin
• Regenerates the skin
• Immediately and lasting nourishment

Key Ingredients

Essence of Bees Complex: Honey, propolis and royal jelly combine to nourish, repair and soothe skin

Liposome DNA, Liposome RNA: The hydrating, regenerating power of DNA with the repairing, healing power of RNA

Beeswax: Nourishes and softens

As a daily face cream, lightly apply to the face and neck in the mornings and evenings. Apply once or twice weekly as a 10-minute mask - after 10-minutes, massage the mask into the skin with water to emulsify the mask and lock it into the skin. Remove excess mask from the skin before applying skincare.

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