Crème Merveilleuse


The ULTIMATE regenerating cream.

Luminous and iridescent, this regenerative cream is packed with sturgeon DNA and marine minerals to revive the skin's youthful glow. This deeply remineralizing cream enhances the skin’s texture and boosts its radiance. The blend of anti-aging sturgeon DNA and 3 minerals unveils unedited glow, smooths, plumps and unifies the skin’s texture.

50 ml

• Skin texture appears smoother and more even
• Skin has a luminous glow
• Iridescent creamy texture plumps and fills lines
• 85% complexion is more even
• 90% skin is smoother
• 90% lines are plumped
• +30% hydration after 8 hours

Key Ingredients

Sturgeon DNA: Three powerful anti-aging benefits to restore elasticity, reinforce the skin’s density, continuously dispense benefits

Marvelous Mineral Complex: Easily digested by the skin, for nourishment

Apply with smoothing movements to the face and neck, ideally after applying Fluide Merveilleux.

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