The Power of Gua Sha

The Power of Gua Sha

This tool has the power to create big changes in your skin. A simple stone that requires no tech or replacement. That enables you to perform an effective technique at-home in your pajamas. It still blows my mind when I think of it.

So a quick crash course for those of you that haven't heard, gua sha originates from traditional Chinese medicine, dating back to the Ming Dynasty. Facial gua sha utilizes a smooth natural stone that you glide over the skin's surface at an angle to promote detoxification, lymphatic drainage, microcirculation, and sculpting. It's often touted as creating a natural facelift effect (which in my personal opinion is 100% true).

When I first began my gua sha journey I was a bit skeptical. Could this actually make changes to my skin? I'm a beauty tech junkie, a skincare obsessor and the world of holistic facial techniques was still somewhat new to me. So I thought, I need to learn this and if I'm going to master it I'm gonna do it right! I took workshops along with an in-depth 10-week course with some of the best in the industry (@britta_beauty, @noyskincare and Beauty Secrets US), and I was HOOKED!

One of the reasons I became so quickly obsessed was because the results were so immediate. A little background, I'm 35 years old and in the last couple of years, I began to notice changes that really were affecting my self-confidence. Loss of volume, plumpness, major inflammation and puffiness, beginnings of jowling, and a diminishing jawline. I have one of those mirrors in my washroom where you can see your face from every angle (those are dangerous), and every morning I'd look and be deflated. It's like I was beginning to not recognize my face. We all age, this is inevitable, but I knew these changes were due to stagnation of some sort, and no amount of skincare or facials alone was going to correct it.


Gua Sha Like a Pro!

So fast-forward, I began implementing everything I learned about gua sha on myself. I began doing it consistently on a daily. And holy s**t! It was UNBELIEVABLE! Not only did I look more youthful but everything I mentioned above that was bothering me improved.

Even my hubby, who was the most skeptical started to exclaim that he'd never seen my jawline so crisp and that I wasn't puffy anymore (something he never admitted to before when I'd ask him if he noticed my worries). Family and friends commented that I looked more lifted and youthful. To be honest, I saw it too and the more I saw the results the more steadfast I was in making sure I didn't skip it in my routine. The confidence this little flipping stone gave me is indescribable.

Now I'm going to say this, you need to do this technique properly, it’s simple and will become easier as you practice. I actually created a tutorial video that I include with the purchase of the gua sha stone from my shop because I want you to learn how simple doing it correctly can be! You need to do this technique consistently, it's like going to the gym, this is KEY to seeing results. Results are cumulative, the longer this is in your routine the more you'll see the improvements and the longer-lasting they'll be.

And lastly, lifestyle choices are also key. If you gua sha but then eat a ton of carb-heavy, inflammation-inducing, sodium-filled foods you'll be working against the results. Internal health is reflected externally in ALL things related to the skin. If you keep everything in balance, to the best of your ability, you'll notice the greatest results.