Cecily Braden

CJB Rose Quartz Stone


CJB Rose Quartz Stone is an original patent-protected design by Cecily Braden, Gua Sha Educator, and expert in the use of facial massage tools. Its exclusive design has been featured in Vogue Paris and combines the art of Gua Sha based on TCM, along with additional lymphatic drainage, connective tissue manipulation, and facial contour and sculpting techniques.

This unique stone design is perfect for all skin types and face shapes, offering versatile edges to fit and contour each area of the face, neck, and decolletage.

Watch my Extended Gua Sha Tutorial

• Instantly firms and lifts
• Renew facial contours
• Reduce puffiness
• Minimize the appearance of wrinkles
• Brightens and promotes a radiant complexion

Rose Quartz is a stone of “unconditional love and infinite peace and promotes receptivity to beauty of all kinds.” As a conductor of energy, it helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles, increase circulation and reduce puffiness when combined with specific facial massage techniques and varied pressure. Connected to the heart chakra, it releases unexpressed and deep-seated emotions that become etched into our facial features as permanent creases. It’s a high vibrational stone that amplifies the effects of other stones and “encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance, self-love, invoking self-trust and self-worth.*”

On cleansed skin, apply desired facial oil and begin your ritual by activating your lymph nodes for optimal results. Watch my 24-minute extended gua sha tutorial (linked in product description), for the most in-depth step-by-step guide on how to hold the stone, angle it, and optimal moves for depuffing, sculpting, and lifting.

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