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Glacial Cryo Facial Tools


Bring home a touch of the Room One facial experience with the Glacial cryo tools by luxury facialist Tessa Rola. A favourite in her studio, these tools will elevate your at-home skincare rituals and delivery results that depuff, calm, and sculpt the skin in just 5-minutes. Perfect for revitalizing and firming skin as part of your daily routine or for pre-event prep.

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This set, exclusively created by Room One is now in pre-sale and with an approximate ship date of end of November. Quantities are limited. 

• Reduces puffiness and reinvigorates the skin
• Sculpts for an instant tightening and lifting effect
• Improves circulation and boosts oxygenation
• Reduces redness and inflammation
• Calms and soothes the skin
• Creates an awakened and fresh appearance

Made from stainless steel. After use, rinse with soap and water - dry and store in the freezer. Keep the enclosed plastic tray provided to protect and keep tools clean.

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